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> The HEdS, health school of the HES-SO
The University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) offers forty degree courses taught at a network of 27 campuses spread throughout the six French-speaking cantons of Switzerland and the French-speaking region of the canton of Berne. It currently has 14,000 students. Universities of Applied Sciences are educational and research establishments oriented towards the practical, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in line with the Bologna process.

The HEdS GE follows this approach, keen to satisfy the academic requirements of its students while involving them in the realities of the health and social professions, and introducing them to the difficulties these can present. Since 2002, it has been home to five of the seven degree courses offered by the HES-SO Health field: Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Radiologic Medical Imaging Technology. The Bachelor’s degree is awarded after three years of full-time study, preceded by a year of additional modules for those who do not hold a qualification giving them access to the first year of a Bachelor’s degree course. The course follows the university year, and is made up of modules, the successful completion of which is validated by the award of ECTS credits (total = 180). At the end of the course, students are required to produce a Bachelor’s thesis. This approach allows for cross-course integration, the ideal context for exchanges both within the HES-SO and with the other UAS of French-speaking Switzerland. This practical step towards a professional reality characterised by interdisciplinarity and strictly-applied standards ensures that students will be presented with a range of structures and visions.
And there is no doubt that a significant part of the spirit of the HEdS resides in our desire to train truly reflexive practitioners – professionals with a sound capacity for analysis and questioning. Our vision, marked by a combination of humanism and pragmatism, is what determines our mission. Do you want to join us in this undertaking ?